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Spot offers Therapeutic Groups and Discounted ‘Intensive’ Packages during the School Holidays to provide our families with specialised support and growth opportunities during their break from School Routines.

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Spot Groups

Early Intervention Parent Group (1)

Are you looking for a parent’s group?

This group aims to support and empower parents with skills and ideas to develop their own children’s communication, regulation and motor skills at home.

Game On Minecraft Gaming Group July

Is your child a gamer?

Join fellow Spot Gamers to connect, & play in this neuro-affirming gaming group, led by Spot’s therapists.

Ready For Kindy

This is a group for both our little ones going into the ‘BIG’ school next year and the children who have started and are settling into Kindergarten this year!

Find out more about these groups here!


Each school holidays, we offer discounted therapy packages.

Our Intensive packages consist of three or more therapy sessions in a week. This is a great opportunity to work towards goals with intensive intervention, consolidate existing therapy goals and work on areas that you haven’t had a chance to prioritise during the term, all at a discounted rate.

Clients can mix & match Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services and opt for parent consults, therapy in any of our beautiful clinics or via telehealth or a combination of everything.

  • 5 x 1 hour sessions
  • 4 x 1 hour sessions
  • 3 x 1 hour sessions
  • 5 x 45 minute sessions
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions
  • 3 x 45 minute sessions

Generally speaking, Intensive therapy is of great benefit. If you would like to be sure this is right for you and your family, chat to your therapist & make the most of the holidays.


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