Spot’s Waverley Clinic, located on the corner of Carrington Road and Birrell Street, is a cosy, welcoming space that fosters comfort and connection on your therapeutic journey. This clinic is located on the grounds of St. Mary’s Church and Preschool and includes a sensory garden and sensory gym to enjoy with your therapist!

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240 Birrell Street, Waverley, NSW, 2024

The Waverley Clinic (on the corner of Carrington Rd & Birrell St), is a beautiful house that sits on St Mary’s church land. Parking is available on James St, and access to the clinic is possible through the St Mary’s car park at the rear of the property. Parking is also available on Birrell St during the day. Goldie Avenue is another nearby street that may be useful for parking.

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Mon-Fri (8 am-5.30pm)

Neurodiverse tutoring

Speech Therapy

Spot’s Waverley based Speechies have immediate availability to support you and your family, whether that is in our beautiful clinic, in your home or in school. Our experienced speech pathologists specialise in addressing communication challenges, including speech delays, language disorders, and social communication difficulties.

Using evidence-based techniques and a compassionate approach, we work closely with clients and their families to develop personalised therapy plans aimed at improving communication skills and enhancing overall quality of life.

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occupational therapy Waverley NSW

Occupational Therapy

Spot’s Occupational therapists empower individuals with neurodevelopmental differences to participate fully in everyday activities and achieve their goals. Our occupational therapists work collaboratively with clients and their families to address a wide range of challenges, including sensory processing difficulties, motor skill development, and self-care tasks.

Through personalised assessment and intervention plans, we focus on enhancing independence, promoting sensory regulation, and fostering meaningful engagement in activities that are important to our clients’ lives. Whether it’s supporting a child with fine motor delays or helping an adult develop strategies for independent living, our compassionate and client-centered approach ensures that each individual receives the support they need to thrive.

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Spot Family Waverley

Spot’s team of Occupational Therapists & Speech therapists have created a supportive community within our Waverley clinic and offer care that extends beyond traditional therapy.

All of our therapists practise through a Neurodiversity Affirming lens and the care we offer embodies our core values of respect, authenticity, inclusion and empowerment.


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