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Spot's Professional Development

At Spot, we believe in the power of lifelong learning, parent coaching and collaborating with educators and carers. Whether you’re an aspiring healthcare student, a new graduate, an early-career clinician or educator, an experienced therapist looking to upskill, or a parent or carer looking for support, we have a range of opportunities to support your growth.

Neurodiversity Affirming Services

For Educators, Parents and Carers

📚 Educators and parents play a vital role in the lives of neurodiverse children. Our programs are designed to offer insights, strategies, and practical advice to help you support the children you care for.

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For Therapists

🌟 Whether you’re a new graduate, early-career clinician, or an experienced therapist, we offer a range of opportunities to support your growth. Our approach is rooted in building relationships, understanding neurodiversity, and delivering relationship-based care.

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Our Range of Offerings

  • 🎓 Professional Development Courses: Our courses cover diverse aspects of neurodiversity, therapy approaches, relationship-based care and airway focused healthcare. Designed for educators, parents, and therapists, they offer a holistic view of support and care.
  • 👥 Educational Seminars: For parents, educators, and therapists alike, our seminars focus on sharing practical strategies and insights for understanding and nurturing neurodiverse individuals.
  • 🏫 In-Person Workshops: Our in-person sessions provide a hands-on experience, enabling participants to interact, practice, and learn directly from experienced clinicians.
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Our Approach

We take a neurodiversity-affirming, relationship-based approach to professional development. Our courses are centered on understanding and celebrating diversity. You’ll gain not only clinical skills but also the ability to build meaningful relationships and provide empathetic care.

As therapists and caregivers, we understand the power of these relationships in promoting the well-being of neurodiverse individuals. Our courses reflect our commitment to nurturing this holistic approach.

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Stay Updated

Keep an eye on the Professional Development Courses tab on our website for upcoming webinars, seminars, and workshops. You can also reach out to our Partnerships Manager, Louise to request an ‘on demand’ course that can be presented at a location and time that suits you.

Whether you’re a therapist looking to expand your expertise or an educator/parent seeking to deepen your knowledge, there’s always room to grow.

Professional Development Courses