Spot Therapy Hub Randwick serves as the heart and headquarters of our airway oriented, neurodiversity-affirming occupational therapy and speech pathology practice. Our dedicated administrative team is based here, ensuring seamless coordination of services across all our clinics.

Spot’s Randwick clinic offers a unique therapeutic experience, complete with a custom-built sensory gym and a wide range of sensory equipment.

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Level 1/111, Belmore Road, Randwick, 2031

Our entrance is on the street level of the Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, next to NAB bank. There is 2 hour free parking in the shopping centre and we are also close to bus and tram stops.

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Mon-Fri (8am-5.30pm)
Sat (8 am-3 pm)

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Speech Therapy

At Spot, we prioritise a relationship-based approach to speech pathology, recognising that effective communication is built on meaningful connections and positive interactions. Our therapists work closely with individuals and families to understand their communication needs and preferences, tailoring therapy sessions to promote engagement and empower clients to express themselves confidently.

Our holistic approach ensures we address a range of challenges, from speech development to language proficiency, social communication, literacy, numeracy, feeding, fluency, and voice.

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Occupational Therapy

Spot Therapy Hub’s Occupational Therapists incorporate the DIR Floortime model into all of our relationship based Occupational Therapy sessions. Developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, DIR Floortime emphasises the importance of engaging individuals in playful and meaningful interactions to promote social-emotional development and overall well-being.

At Spot, we believe in the power of play as a tool for learning and growth. Our therapists utilise the DIR Floortime approach to tailor therapy sessions to the individual interests and strengths of each client, fostering creativity, exploration, and meaningful connections in every interaction. By embracing this holistic approach, we empower individuals to develop essential skills for life while having fun along the way. 

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Spot Family Randwick

At Spot Randwick, you’ll be greeted by a bright and welcoming space, providing a peaceful spot to pause and reflect before therapy sessions or to comfortably wait while sessions are in progress.

Our specialised environment allows our occupational therapists and speech pathologists to harness the power of sensory input to support our clients in achieving regulation and reaching their therapy goals. Whether it’s exploring tactile sensations, engaging in proprioceptive activities, or stimulating the vestibular system, our sensory gym provides a safe and welcoming space for individuals to discover and thrive.

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