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Breathing – something we all do, but do we all do it effectively? If you’re curious about breathing retraining and whether Spot is the right choice for you, we’ve got some answers.

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We are the leaders in Airway Focus Practice

Spot’s journey to Breathing Retraining started because of our Director. Dual Qualified as a Speech Pathologist & Occupational Therapist, Kate Broderick is a leader in airway-oriented practice.

Under Director Kate’s guidance and alongside other esteemed leaders in this domain, Spot’s team of therapists consistently immerses themselves in Professional Development Training. This commitment ensures that we can continue to offer the best support, advice and therapy to you and your loved ones.

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Spot’s clinical support is guided by the understanding that airway health and breathing habits impact development and are linked to physical and emotional wellbeing throughout the life span.

Breathing well can transform your life so get in touch today.

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