Spot'sAllied Health Assistants

Spot Therapy Hub Allied Health Assistants

Spot’s Allied Health Assistant Team:

Spot has been providing specialised services to clients and their families all over Sydney for the past 20 years. During this time, we have also supported families to access allied health assistants (AHA) to complement their therapy plans.

Spot’s Allied Health Assistants are healthcare professionals who have a keen interest in supporting our community.

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Collaboration with Therapists:

AHAs collaborate seamlessly with our therapists to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to therapy. Working under the direction of our therapists, AHAs support the implementation of therapy programs, exercises, and activities designed specifically to address the individual needs of our clients.

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Maximising Therapy Benefits:

Families looking to intensify therapy can benefit from Spot’s AHAs. By incorporating AHAs into the therapy regimen, clients receive additional sessions or support outside scheduled therapy hours. This increased intensity often leads to accelerated progress and improved outcomes, all while maintaining an affordable approach for families.

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Affirming Neurodiversity:

At Spot, we recognize and celebrate neurodiversity. Our AHAs work in a neurodiversity-affirming environment, catering to the unique needs of each individual while promoting a supportive and inclusive therapeutic setting.