Neuro-Affirming, Evidence-Based approach to Tutoring

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At Spot Therapy Hub, we prioritise evidence-based and neuro-affirming approaches in everything we do. Our specialised and neurodiverse tutoring services are no exception.

Spot is delighted to have added qualified and experienced tutors to our Spot Team.

Neurodiverse tutoring

What Sets Our Tutoring Services Apart:

  • Evidence-Based Methods: Our tutoring services are grounded in evidence-based practices, ensuring that every approach and technique utilised is backed by research and proven to be effective.
  • Tailored Approach: Recognising that individuals of all Neurotypes have unique learning styles, our tutors adapt their methods to suit the specific needs of each person.
  • Team Collaboration: Our tutors are supported and supported by experienced speech pathologists, ensuring that our tutoring services are not only evidence-based but also align with the learning supports our therapists are recommending. If your child is already accessing speech pathology or occupational therapy with Spot, our tutors will connect with them to ensure collaborative care approach.
Neurodiverse tutoring services

Spot’s tutors foster understanding, appreciation, and respect for the strengths and unique perspectives of every individual.

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