Spot’s Telehealth Journey: Bringing Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology to Your Doorstep Nationwide!

Spot was founded over 23 years ago, when Director Kate emerged from her studies as a dual qualified professional, ready to bring a new style of care to the field of Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology. Spot has always been a TRULY holistic service, and Kate’s love of learning has meant that Spot has always been evolving! This is reflected in our clinical approach (that leaves no stone unturned), and in our service delivery model. Making care ACCESSIBLE and care plans SUSTAINABLE, has always been a core value at Spot. Twenty years ago this meant providing home and school visits, as well as clinic based services. About ten years ago, we took things a step further!

After meeting a group of rural based therapists and hearing them talk about the major barriers their families faced when it came to accessing consistent care, Kate (always up for a new project!), realised that her service could be helping more families – families well beyond Sydney. In fact, right across Australia! So, we dove into Telehealth services and have not looked back. This is how we ended up rebranding to Spot Therapy Hub (we’d outgrown ‘Sydney’ Spot!).

We are all about providing care that works for you and your family. We’re so proud to offer a MIXED service delivery model:

  • Clinic
  • Home or School AND
  • Telehealth (also in your home or school!)

Through our Online Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy services, our therapists are uniquely positioned to enhance the relational aspect, gaining genuine insight into our clients’ home and school environments.

Conducted via Zoom, our Online Telehealth sessions empower us to provide comprehensive support to families, schools, and communities. Our telehealth team of OTs and Speechies offer training and guidance, ensuring our clients receive optimal care and support.

Some local families like to alternate between Telehealth and face to face to avoid travel time. Some clients access Telehealth all term and visit us in the holidays. Others use Telehealth while they’re on holidays! Whatever you need, we’re up for it. Who knows what might be available in another 10 years?!

Join us at Spot in embracing the future of healthcare through Telehealth. Experience the difference in receiving exceptional occupational therapy and speech pathology services, irrespective of your location across the vast Australian landscape.

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Spot Telehealth enables families all over Australia access to high quality, neurodiversity affirming healthcare.

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