Providing Online Speech Pathology Services Across Australia via Telehealth. 

telehealth Speech Therapy

Telehealth Speech Pathology

Growing research has shown that online Speech Pathology (also called Telehealth or Telepractice) can be as effective as in-person therapy. As a result, Spot has invested in developing our Telehealth services so that your child can access valuable therapy support from the comfort of your own home.

For many reasons, attending clinic appointments or school-based Speech Pathology sessions may not be feasible for you or your family. Spot Therapy Hub’s evidence-based, respectful and Neurodiversity-Affirming services are accessible from wherever you are with online Speech Therapy and offer a frequent and unique insight into your home and school life.

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Why Choose Spot Therapy Hub for Online Speech Therapy?

Spot Therapy Hub’s Neuro-Affirming Speech Pathologists are experienced in providing online Speech Therapy supports across a wide range of areas including:

  • Speech Sound development
  • Understanding and Using Language
  • Social Interaction and Connection
  • Fluency
  •  Literacy and Numeracy
  •  Orofacial Myology
  • Feeding
  • Neurodiversity Affirming supports such as understanding and exploring identity

Through comprehensive assessment and collaborative goal-setting, our Speech Therapists can support you or your child to build on their speech, language, communication skills to empower them to become authentic and confident communicators.

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Spot Telehealth Speech Therapists

At Spot Therapy Hub, our online supports are tailored to you or your child’s unique profile of strengths and needs. We will guide you throughout the therapy process and collaborate with you to identify relevant and meaningful areas for support.

Both assessment and therapy sessions can be offered via Telehealth. Chat to our team of speech therapists about whether online Speech Therapy might be a good option for you or your child. Contact us.

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Why we utilise Teletherapy

Online Speech Therapy with Spot Therapy Hub removes the barriers that many families face in terms of accessing Neurodiversity Affirming supports in their local area whether you are based in rural or metro settings. Spot’s team has lots of experience supporting families across Australia, including in remote areas with their Speech and Occupational Therapy goals.

Spot Therapy Hub’s Speech Pathologists value relationships and connection above all else. We also understand the importance of supporting you or your child to develop meaningful connections with important people in their lives. At Spot Therapy Hub, we can support the team around your child through Telehealth by collaborating with your child’s teachers, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Telehealth allows for collaborative practice to happen seamlessly with team members who may work across various locations.


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How does Online Speech Therapy Work?

Telehealth Speech Therapy utilises digital platforms and technologies to deliver therapy services remotely. The process typically begins with an initial assessment conducted via video conferencing, where the speech therapist evaluates the client’s needs and goals. From there, personalised treatment plans are developed.

Some local families like to alternate between Telehealth and face to face to avoid travel time. Some clients access Telehealth all term and visit us in the holidays. Others use Telehealth while they’re on holidays! Whatever you need, we’re up for it. Who knows what might be available in another 10 years?!

Join us at Spot in embracing the future of healthcare through Telehealth. Experience the difference in receiving exceptional occupational therapy and speech pathology services, irrespective of your location across the vast Australian landscape.