Episode 4: Reframing Autism

In this episode, Kate invites a high school friend to discuss neurodiversity, the experiences of the Autistic community, the value of Autistic led organisations, and embracing Autistic identify. Ginny shares her own story as an adult who found out she was on the Autism Spectrum. She also reflects on the way her own children's diagnoses caused her to develop a special interest in Autism. Ginny is the Communications Manager of Reframing Autism, which is a non for profit organisation run by and for Autistic people and their families and allies. They are dedicated to creating a world in which the Autistic community is supported to achieve acceptance, inclusion and active citizenship. Be sure to check out Reframing Autism on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Host: Reframing Autism
  • Guest: Ginny Grant
  • Recorded:October 2020